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Here are some frequently asked questions about On-Site Insurance School.

Where can I get information on the insurance industry, such as salary information and employment opportunities?

Check out the US Department of Labor for more information.

How long does a course take to complete?

The length of each class is different, but typically an insurance class can be completed in five full days. A securities class usually requires at least three weeks of study to adequately prepare for your exam.

Once I complete the online course, how do I get licensed?

Information is accessible on the course page of your class.

What if I have a problem loading a course or video?

All videos and material should work well with any system that meets the system requirements. If you experience issues with course videos not loading, first try to log off and reboot your system. Also note that sometimes while using a wireless internet, connection loading times might vary.

What should I do if I relocate or my personal information changes?

Your information must be updated by you and can be done by logging in and clicking on My Account in the footer.

After completing the online course, when should I take my state or federal certification exam?

You should take the exam as soon as possible after completing the online course. In some states, you must pass the online course in order to be qualified to take the exam.

What should I do if, after passing the online class, I need additional help?

You can return to the course at any time, as long as the time limit has not expired. You can review video lessons, browse the documents again, or take additional practice exams by using the Yellowlight Practice Exam buttons on the chapter pages.

What do I need to bring to take a certification exam?

Depending on the state, you might need to bring your course completion certificate to the test center. Do not discard it, as it is required in some places to be submitted with your application after passing the state exam.

Your success is our number one priority.